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Learning the Art of Making Money From Local Entrepreneurs!

Less than $1.43 a workshop with amazing local businesses...
What is Passport Sioux Falls?
Dozens of Exclusive workshops at local businesses 
teaching kids about entrepreneurship
The days of grades and a college diploma guaranteeing a good job are over. College debt is at an all time high teaching kids how to manage debt, not wealth. These workshops are designed to give your child the essential groundwork to start making money now so they're a natural born entrepreneur by time they graduate!
The Secret Lives Of Dentists
Watch a tooth extraction and never have to bug your kids about brushing again. Join us at 10th Street Dental to learn what it takes to run a dental practice.
Behind-The-Scene Boutique
Learn what it's like to run a shop with products, inventory and a showroom. Kids get to create their own stage presentation of the items, as well as build a product from unsold items in the back of the shop.
The Secret to Subscriptions and Punch Cards 
Discover how yoga studios keep their customers coming back week after week to make a profit. 
The Power of Compound Interest 
Learn the most important rule in money, compound interest. Discover how far your money goes and how to make it work for you in your sleep!
Imagine the impact your child receives by learning from our community's most amazing entrepreneurs 

Exclusive Workshops

Local businesses host workshops that allow your child to see how their business operates in a fun and engaging way.

From July - August

Go to as many as you like! The workshops will be held from 9am - 7pm, Monday through Friday. 

Learn The Art of Business

From attracting customers, hiring staff to creating and selling products. 

Something For Everyone

The workshops are designed for ages 7 and up. Parents, grandparents and sitters will have a blast too!
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Hello, my name is Nico.
I'm the founder of Passport Sioux Falls
I started Passport Sioux Falls because I wanted to go to my mom and dad's work. Then we got the idea of going to all sorts of businesses and see how things work. And why not invite some friends and make it super fun! 

The Workshop Calendar
We are adding workshops daily! These workshops typically go for over $25 a child!
Here's What You Get...
Let Me Break Down All The Awesome Stuff You'll Get When You Join Passport Sioux Falls Today!
Passport Kit
What's a trip without fun souvenirs? You receive a backpack full of fun gifts including:
  •  Passport to collect stamps from businesses
  •  "Kid Capitalist: What Every Kid Should Know about Owning a Business"
  •  Travel journal
  •  Rug & Relic secret gift
  •  Art Mom's secret gift
  •  Free backpack
  •  And more!
Private Facebook Group
The Passport Sioux Falls group is your place to make new friends, hear about events, and plan ride shares.

We will also be hosting free online workshops in our private members' group where you and your kids can learn from famous YouTubers, artists and other unique entrepreneurs!
20+ Workshops
We have over 20 workshops planned with local businesses and more coming every day. Attend as many as you like and fill up your passport.

These workshops aren't available anywhere else and only YOU and YOUR KIDS get access to experiences.
Kids must be accompanied by an adult.
Cool Prizes
At the end of the summer, we will be giving away prizes for best trip photo, most stamps and funniest moment!
Join Passport Sioux Falls Today!
For Only $47
(that's less than $2 a workshop, plus kits, prizes, bonuses and lifetime of memories)
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YOUR SECOND PASSPORT HALF-OFF ($23): Yes, give me a second passport to give to a sibling or a friend. Please note that both of your passports will be delivered to your billing address. Need more than two? Please purchase the additional ones individually or send us an email.

Liberate & Educate
Round Up For Charity! Check this box to round up your order and we’ll donate 100% of the difference to help liberate and educate children around the world.
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Want to host a workshop?
Does your business want to host a workshop?
Frequently Asked Questions
  What ages are eligible?
Workshops are for kids age 7 - 17 unless specified by the workshop host. Smaller kids can attend but must be accompanied by a caretaker the entire time.  
  How do we sign up for workshops?
You will get access to a private calendar that lists all the events. There are a limited number of spaces at each workshop, so we will notify you before hand when you have access to the calendar and can sign up, so everyone gets an opportunity. If a workshop fills up fast, we will ask the business to host another one!
  What time are the workshops?
Workshops are 1-2 hours long, Monday through Saturday from 9am - 7pm. Workshops will be at various locations around Sioux Falls and it's the parent's responsibility to get their kids to the events.
  can my business host a workshop?
First off, thank you for impacting children's lives. Secondly, all you have to do is pick a date and time and we take care of the rest. You can sign up using our calendar link.
  Can we drop our kids off?
No. An adult must be with the child during the workshops. They are designed to be fun for adults too so you will enjoy them! Also, we want to make sure that all kids are safe at the events and this requires them to be with an adult.
  How long is passport sioux falls?
The workshops are in July and August only. Once school starts, the workshops are over for the summer. 
  Can we car pool?
Yes! You will get access to our private Facebook group where you can meet the other parents and kids, see the upcoming events and plan to ride share if needed.
  Are there refunds?
If you didn't get value out of the workshops, live events and the community, then we will give you a full refund plus buy you a pass to Chuckee Cheese with a bucket of candy.
  Do adults need passports?
No. The adults don't need a passport. They get to attend all the workshops for free in exchange for bringing the kids!
  Why is it so cheap? what's the catch?
As you can probably see, getting access to all these businesses at a click of a button is pretty sweet deal. All you have to do is show up and have fun.

So, why would I do this? Because my mom and I have a philosophy that if we can't make you more aware of how to mold your future, then we don't deserve any of you. So our goal is to help you find ways to make money... then hopefully you'll chose to re-invest some of those profits back into the products and services that we sell.  Does that sound more then fair? :)
Join us as we explore backstage at some of the coolest businesses in town!
Passport Sioux Falls Is A Simple, Yet Incredibly Fun Way To Learn About Business
Put down the iPad and Pick up some skills that will last a lifetime!

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